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you're so cold

You're so cold,
You're so cold,
You're so cold.

Nobody could see me,
everything's too easy,
standing in the light field,
standing in the light field.
Waiting for some action,
waiting for some action to say
why won't you come over here?

Why won't you come over here?
We've got a city to love.
Why won't you come over here?
We've got a city to love.

Old time love song
Will die so swiftly
You never trust me
For a while it was nice
but it's time to say bye

You're Cold
You're so cold
You're so cold
You're so cold

mars volta

ive been watching some videos of them and they are so adorable. i love the way they interact with each other. i want to marry omar. he is so adorable. he reminds me a lot of gael garcia bernal.

p.s. im still viry happy. i haven't this happy for this long for a long time.

chating with viv!

i love vivian!!! i miss her! here is some pics i took while we re chating!


and here she is making fun of jesse cruz! lol
viv jesse

p.s. talene and i accidentally dressed up as jemaine and bret one day

im viry happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i love matt embree

hes so awesome. i am so in love with love you moon. and i am excited to see him on the 26th in San Fran!! and facing new york as well!!
that shit is gonna own.

at the library on campus

i have about an hour to kill on campus. i dont feel like going home and i don't feel like going outside in the cold wind. so im here. in the library. doing nothing. this is a post about nothing.


yesterday was quite possibly great. i was flying. first, talene i went to Peet's Coffee to use the free wifi there cuz we don't have the internetz. so we do. and while we are locking our bikes, i turn around and see the hot guy i have been crazy over for the past i know year and a half. he looks completely different cuz he cut off his hair and shaved his beard. but he still looks fucking HAWT! so i tell talene to turn around and she does but she doesn't get why im going crazy over that guy. she doesn't realize that thats the same bus driver guy ive been crazy for. so she doesn't get it and i tell her and then she freaks out too! hahaha. aww, it was awesome.

the i finally saw heroes. and it was fucking great. mohinder without a shirt, o. m. g.
i fucking died. he is sooo hot!


then i finally finished unpacking. went to buy my books today. only had to buy one. which is always good. so yeah. since we don't have proper t.v. set up yet, we are gonna crash my friend Sohails place to watch the office. should be great. :D

back in davis!

so i finally finished unpacking and all that jazz. im so fucking pissed though. our comcast can't be installed until next wednesday. which im missing this entire week of premeires! ugh! i missed heroes last night and im still fucking pissed about that. im gonna miss the office. i won't miss ugly betty cuz thats on abc. we don't get nbc without cable. so im missing the best shows! ugh!!!! ahhhhh!!!!!
ugh. i just need my nbc and i'll be fine. so until then, im a ticking time bomb. ugh.
so right now im at the library. cuz i don't have the internets at my new place. i like our new place though. a little cramped but nice. a lot cheaper than our old place. so right now its just me and talene in the apartment. our roommates are coming either tonight or tomorrow. i don't know. but yeah. :)
i miss L.A. already. i miss LARGO! :(

im excited for fall t.v.!

yeah, it sounds lame but i love me some t.v. !!
yeah it makes my brains to shit, but im loving every minute of it!

22nd=HEROES!!! hellz yeah!! thank you allen for giving me yet another reason to not studying and watch some t.v. im loving it all.

then thursday night. omg!!! the office and ugly betty!!! ahhh!!!!!!!!!

im sooo excited! pushing daisies doesn't come back until October i think. and i dont even know when LOST is coming back, but when it does. i will have a total mind explosion. here is my week schedule for the next quarter.

Monday: the big bang theory on CBS, then Heroes on NBC.
Tuesday: study
Wednesday: Pushing daisies on NBC, and Project Runway on Bravo.
Thursdays(best day ever): Ugly Betty on ABC, the office on NBC, and LOST on ABC (dont know if there gonna keep it in the thursday slot again or move it back to Wednesday nights.)
Friday: Study/party/have fun/whatever i decide to fucking do.

so you can see why i do more studying than partying on the weekends.i love t.v. maybe im going into the wrong field of study. :/ i dont know. all i do know is i can't wait for the 25th!!

oh! and Aziz is performing yet again at Largo this Tuesday night. im going. talene is going. Irene you going? you should be going. :D make it if you can!! come support your favorite Human Giant! its only $10! and if you tell Aziz you are coming with a friend, he'll put u on a list to get in for 2 for 1! $5! im viry excited!

i need NY

i want to move to somewhere completely different from here. i want to move to New York. i have since i was in the 8th grade. then i pushed that aside. for a guy. he wanted to stay in L.A. so i said I would, for him. things dont work out like we want them. so i've gone back to my love for N.Y.

i have always wanted to have one of those roof-top dates. kissing over the city skyline. you know, lame shi- like that.

well, im not dumb. i know that won't happen. at least not anytime soon. BUT i do need a change. another one. i left montebello to try something different in Davis. Davis sucks. a little less than Montebello. but not what im looking for. i still need to find that place. ive been looking for.

meeting Human Giant...

i don't think i have ever been more happier than at this moment right here:


i love Aziz. i need someone who is a mixture of Aziz Ansari, Oz from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Jason Schwartzman, Rupert Grint, and Michael from Princess Dairies.

is that so hard to ask for???


Lixxx Schwartzman-Grint

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